About Us

UpAndHappy! began life in the last century. Sounds like along time ago, when cars were horses and tablets were made of stone. But no, this was only the rear end of the 20th Century, when the internet was slow and the millennium bug was threatening to slow it down even further. And we all know what happened there!

Any road, UpAndHappy! was originally a radio show, which ran in the Wolverhampton area. It was presented by Lee Bannister, under the highly original name of Lee B. There’s more about that somewhere else on this site…

When Lee moved into the glamorous world of Television, UpandHappy! became the name under which Lee would label his own programmes – they would be known as “An UpAndHappy! Production”. Kinda nice, isn’t it.

You can find out more about the radio and television series made under the UpAndHappy! name, and a few others too. Plus, you can watch or listen to some of them as well.

As time goes by, there’ll be more UpAndHappy! stuff posted on here too – you lucky people.

Just remember, I’m UpAndHappy! Are you?

T’raa a bit,

Lee B

There’s much more about me and my other TV and radio work on LeeBannister.com