The Original UpAndHappy! Radio Show

In the beginning there was UpAndHappy! on the radio. Initially on a Monday night, it soon settled down into its spiritual home on a Saturday Morning.

I say ‘spiritual home’ because it was originally intended to be a bit of a radio version of the kind of Saturday Morning Television programmes that I (that’s me, Lee B) used to enjoy when I was small.

We’re talking Tiswas, Swap shop and all the great shows that followed. As time went on, I got ever closer to Tiswas in real life, culminating in bringing it back onto television… and you can read about that in the Television pages on this site.

Lee B
UpAndHappy! on the Radio with Lee B
UpAndHappy! on the radio with The Nikkster

UpAndHappy! the radio show was a celebration of everything that was fun on a Saturday Morning. It was presented by Lee B and the Nikkster, that’s me and my wife Nikki.

We started out by playing just up and happy tunes all morning. There was the odd competition, the odd movie or TV feature, plenty of entertainment news but no celebrity gossip or tittle-tattle. This was the real deal! A fun way to start your weekend – and we NEVER took it seriously!

We had numerous co-presenters, from “Da Puds” aka Rob Wood – apparently ‘Puds’ is what mate in Cannock call each other… hey, I’m from Tipton and they call each other something quite different over there.

For a while, there was our Sport reporters Sydney Hammer-Thong and Roary Morryson, both alter-egos of “Vacuum Andy”, aka Andy Walters, the radio station’s long-suffering Engineer and erstwhile 70’s disco connoisseur.

Incidentally, the Roary character was a loving tribute to the real-life Rory Morrison, who I’d known at Beacon Radio, when I first started out in the industry. He was a bit of a mentor to me, though he never actually knew it. Rory ultimately moved to BBC Radio 4, but one day surprised me live on air with the sports news… when I thought I’d be crossing live to our own ‘Roary’. Listen to that moment here. Rory Morrison sadly died in 2013, but I’ll never forget him…

Jeniitastic – Jenii Lowe
Olipop – Olly Williams
Philip Whitmore (aka Dr Strangeglove)

Later on, we welcomed Jenii-tastic (Jenii Lowe), Oli-pop (Oliver Williams) and the almighty Dr StrangeGlove (Philip Whitmore) along with a host of other characters (also Phil’s creations).

I’m proud to say that UpAndHappy! was the first exposure for the “Mr Custa” sci-fi radio comedy series.

Oh and finally there was “The Eeeee Man”. Hejust turned up and shouted “Eeeeeee” at everyone… and everything… He’s still out there. Somewhere.

(By the way, the new 2020 edition of the Mr Custa and Dr StrangeGlove websites were reinvigorated, shaken-up, vacuum-cleanered-on-the-cobwebs, and basically jazzed-up and spruced-up by Lee B … that’s me!)

UpAndHappy! – The Radio Show – ran for nearly 12 years, and you can still listen to some of the later programmes on Mixcloud. There are a series of short bite-size editions of “UpandHappy! Gold” and later we’ll be revisting as many of the full programmes as we can!

Click here to go to the full playlist on Mixcloud!