Totally Tiswas – An UpAndHappy! Special

Totally Tiswas is a 2-hour radio special, broadcast via Wolverhampton’s WCR FM on the morning of the original transmission of ITV’s Tiswas Reunited show, in June 2007.

The programme consists of interviews with the key members of the Tiswas team conducted mostly by Lee Bannister over the years. And the music? Well, the Tiswas team released a number of group and solo hit singles (erm…) and an award winning album too!

So Lee grabbed as many of them as he could and spent hours and hours and hours and hours… in a studio very carefully remastering them from crackly old vinyl into something much less gunge-y.

You’ll be dancing round your collective handbags in no time… doing the dying fly… singing The Bucket of Water Song… hopping like a village idiot… spitting at everything that moves… dressing up like a rabbit… and blowing raspberries too. Maybe.

However, one thing we all know is… THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT!

You can listen to each hour below – just press play and sit back!

Read along with the script, and find out all about the music HERE
An UpAndHappy!
Radio Special

Totally Tiswas is © 2007 by Lee Bannister. All Rights Reserved. All music is © as noted within the script page.
All original artwork drawn and painted by Chris Wroe, used by kind permission and with grateful thanks.
Logo designed by Lee Bannister, and obviously inspired by the original Tiswas logo as designed by Stuart Kettle.